Hi, I’m Yana

I coach busy professional women on how to invest in properties to quadruple their income, even if their time is severely limited and they don’t think they have enough money to start with.

My Message

I firmly believe that everyone in the world has a purpose. To fulfil the purpose, a person has to be happy, financially stable, and prosperous. No-one can rise to their greatest height until they are living a full life.

Do you hold onto the belief that only a few lucky, talented people that come from wealthy families can be successful?

This is simply not true!

Look carefully around you. There are so many self-made millionaires. These people are not necessarily the most talented. They may not be the most gifted in their field, nor even extraordinary! They have simply learned the process of becoming rich though real estate or any other trade. You can, too!

We cannot sit back and expect results to come to us. We must take action to meet the spirit of abundance halfway. The saying is true – we reap what we sow. The Universe expects you to show up and plant those seeds. 

With commitment, enthusiasm and my guidance, you can build your property investment and achieve the life of your dreams.

My Mission is to inspire and empower busy professionals like me to invest in properties, quadruple their income, transform their mindset around money and success so that they can create financial freedom and live full and abundant life.




Today I am a successful property investor, property investment coach and business owner. In a relatively short time, I have created financial freedom and a legacy for my family. But this was not always the case…

I moved to the UK from Eastern Europe in my early 30s, with the sole purpose of improving my financial situation for myself and my son, who stayed in the care of my mother back home. I missed him so dearly, my heart was crying. My dream was to earn enough money to create a comfortable living for my family.

Young and naive, with only £200 in my pocket, I set out to work as an accountant for a catering company. I was willing to work hard with long hours, and sacrifice pretty much all of my personal desires for the sake of building a prosperous future for myself and family.

As a child, I was always told “you have to get a good education and work hard to earn money. Then save and you will be successful.” And so, I did. I got 3 university degrees and a reasonably well paid job. I was doing everything that was supposedly ‘right’. But, even taking on longer hours and as much responsibility as possible I still failed to create the financial stability I longed for.

I was trying desperately to figure out what I was going to do to provide the life that I needed for myself and my family.

Until my life turned around.

The opportunity presented itself one day when I was commuting to work. I picked up a morning newspaper and I come across an advert for a Property Investment course. It promised to teach me how to get passive income from real estate. And I thought “Why not? I’ve already tried to do all that everybody said. That didn’t give me what I want.” I was stressed every time a bill arrived, or when my child asked me to buy something expensive that I couldn’t afford.

I signed up for the course and diligently learned all that was presented to me. Once completed, I set to work straight away. I must say that I was scared and quite worried at the beginning. I had a full-time corporate job with 2 hours commuting time every day, and a family with 2 children. This already consumed almost all of my time.

However, I was determined to change my financial situation. I decided, no matter what, I will become a real estate investor. If other people could do it, so can I!

I worked hard to fit property investment into my already busy life. Bit by bit I worked out the information I needed, combined it with my personal experience, and created a ‘Template’ of how to buy, convert and let certain type of real estate while spending only a small fraction of my time on it. In the end it took me only 2 years to achieve my first target and considerably improve mine and my family lifestyle.

Once my system was created, I tested it over and over again to ensure that the strategies and processes I created would work consistently. They do. So now my system is ready to share with you.