Can HMO (house of multiple occupation) be profitable and a non-hustle investment?

 The quick answer is “Yes”. 💥

If you set up the HMO correctly it becomes a win-win solution for both Investor/Landlord and Tenant.


🏠 Landlord:

–         Cash flow is usually 3-4 times higher than from family let;

          Top Tip: bring the house to high end and you will generate higher rent and attract good tenants. 

–         High demand. According to a survey of 10,000 tenants more than 70% are under 30yo and half are not in a relationship.


👨‍👩‍👧 Tenant:

–        Affordability. Tenants can enjoy living in high quality property and spend less money.

–        Get to enjoy a sociable living environment and avoid being lonely.


My own experience:

I provide high quality accommodations.

98% of my tenants are great people! (No fluff – true experience). 20% tenants are referrals from my ex-tenants. 10% tenants are coming back to me.  


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