Would you like to buy a bargain property and get extra cash in your pocket?

Current market is good for a buyer. Property values are going down currently and it’s a great time to find some gems. Add the below tip and make it work even better for you. 

 Top tip: look for motivated sellers, they will be happy to reduce the price in terms of selling quickly.


Motivated sellers are:

  • Landlords whose properties don’t meet new government requirements.
  • People downsizing
  • Just been made redundant
  • In financial difficulties
  • Moving to a different location because of job
  • Moving into a nursing home
  • Divorce
  • Inherited properties
  • About to be repossessed


How to find motivated sellers?

  • Direct leafleting – old but proven method. 
  • Nursing homes – they have direct access to elderly people that are in a hurry to sell their homes.
  • Probate solicitors.
  • Court lists for repossessions.


Remember: by helping yourself, you are helping other people. Those in financial difficulties & in stressful situations don’t want to go out there and declare their state. It’s painful! In many cases they would rather sell in private. 


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